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Move faster with Mitrona in the great change in the automotive world

The automotive world is undergoing a major change. Vehicles now contain more electrical and electronic components than ever before. Vehicles are becoming software-defined smart devices. With its extensive experience in power electronics, embedded hardware and software, Mitrona creates innovative solutions for electric vehicles, connected and autonomous vehicles.

Green and innovative technologies in transportation

Electric vehicles stand out as the most important solution in transportation to prevent climate change. As Mitrona, we develop technological solutions for electric vehicles together with the leading players of the sector.
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Our solutions for electric vehicles:

  • Traction inverter
  • On-board charger (OBC)
  • Converters for auxiliary loads
  • DC/DC converters

Connected Vehicles

Mitrona can offer V2X solutions with its past experience in wireless communication and global positioning system technologies. Thanks to our Telematics Control Unit solutions, which also include e-Call feature, we make it possible to communicate securely with vehicles remotely.

ADAS Systems

Mitrona has high performance solutions for different industries in IP core development for digital systems and FPGAs. In particular, we offer solution partnerships for fast signal processing and image/video processing required for ADAS systems.

We make a difference with Mitrona hardware and software solutions in information and entertainment displays